Jordan & the Nepalese Human Trafficking Suit



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2 responses to “Jordan & the Nepalese Human Trafficking Suit

  1. Ahmad Alhindawi

    When it comes to human rights in Jordan, I feel we are more “Image driven” in our response. I mean, it’s more about showing a good image than working to improve the human rights status. So, do you think this story was going to be discussed officially in Jordan if it wasn’t published abroad?

  2. newsblog2you

    That’s true. Very good point. Wasn’t this the case with the violations again QIZ workers in Jordan?? The first time I heard about it was in the New York Times. The Ministry of Labor wrote a letter to the editor. After it was published there, some Jordanians found about it. This time we also saw the Napalese lawsuit on Al Jazeera. I am sure that is how Jordanians found out about it. Keep a look out for Ammonnews, they translated the story once it was published in the Chicago Tribune. The newspapers here did a very bad job. They were late in covering this story. We’ll see how this story unfolds.

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