Hurray! NBC Shows On iTunes Again

Finally, ITunes settled it with NBC and now you can watch your favorite NBC shows. I have a lot of catching up to do when I find the time. Law and Order: SVU here I come.



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2 responses to “Hurray! NBC Shows On iTunes Again

  1. Siraddi

    HURRRRRAAAAY!!! I second this celebration!!

    I religiously check iTunes every month to see if somehow iTunes reached an agreement with the NBC Network / Low and Behold …. the 9th of September arrived and the gods have spoken (ha ha ha ha)…….. NBC has ENTERED the Gates of iTunes!! I’m totally excited and even happier to download the NEW iTunes (Version 8) which now provides HD Quality option!! I recommend you testing out the HD option. I also advise you to get a AppleTV for your residence. It’s quite entertaining and easy to use (wireless).

    So…. Seasons 8 & 9 of Law & Order SVU are downloading as I type this comment…. Tomorrow I will check for more of my favorite shows from the West! Way to go iTunes and NBC!! 😛


  2. newsblog2you

    Phew. I was getting worried and losing hope they would ever come to an agreement and I was missing all my shows as well! Happy downloading. I have to say it’s darn slow but worth the wait. 🙂

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