Transcript of Bob Woodward on Larry King

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Here’s the full CNN transcript of Bob Woodward on Larry King.

Some highlights:

 WOODWARD: That is a massive land army. This is a war that’s not over. We have  always been surprised in Iraq, since the invasion, when there was no — there were no weapons of mass destruction. It’s been violence by the insurgency, Sunni/Shia violence, the homegrown al Qaeda rising up. General Petraeus, who’s still commander there, is keeping that massive army there because, as he has said, it is fragile and reversible. The next commander in chief is going to get the job of dealing with the Iraq war. 

WOODWARD: Well, I don’t think it’s indifference. I think he got this view that we have to kill lots of them and that we will kill our way to victory. And, of course, General Petraeus, the current commander, says you can’t do that. We are in Iraq to stabilize the country and turn it over to the Iraqis. You can’t launch these kinds of massive operations that are mass killing exercises.

KING: White House Press Secretary Dana Perino, who admits she has not read the book, says she doesn’t think your conclusions about the Bush administration and the surge are necessarily supported by the facts.

And here’s part of her comments from earlier today.


DANA PERINO, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: Sometimes in Washington when you can’t attack the results of something, you attack a process. I would submit to you that President Bush initiated and oversaw a very comprehensive, thorough, well-managed process that, in some cases — and some people might say that it was too slow in its development.

But when you are making a decision, when you are asking young men and women to put their lives on the line, that it was the right type of assessment.

It was sober. It was very clear-eyed. It was brutal in terms of the amount of hours.

And I also take issue with the notion about a war within. I can’t Imagine that anybody in Washington would be shocked that if you bring people together to talk about one of the most difficult problems in our time, that they might have a disagreement.


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