Watch Out for those Polls

We’ve been seeing a lot of numbers and polls in the past few days regarding the American elections. Here’s a good analysis on why we are seeing what we are seeing and what to watch for.

Some polling experts say the changing state of party affiliation in the field is slow to be reflected in polls themselves. Democratic pollster Anna Greenberg told the Huffington Post that “when it comes to registration and turnout, the polls often do a very bad job of taking those [factors] into account,” because newly registered voters aren’t in the voter files used by firms that survey public opinion. “You could make the argument they are under-representing new registrants,” she said, which would mean that the Democrats new edge would not be taken into account.



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3 responses to “Watch Out for those Polls

  1. Siraddi

    Thanks for this posting.
    I try not to follow and concentrate too much at what the polls say (supposedly say).

    The real day of truce will be in November. . . My patience is running low waiting for November to arrive. I want this election over and done with so the world can go on and concentrate on more important issues with or without America’s support or say!.!

    YES, it is exciting to see MORE YOUNG people involved in the election process (THANK YOU! OBAMA! for this…). I think the biggest highlight for me in this election is seeing the way YOUNG Americans are taking a stand, asking for CHANGE! It’s about time that YOUNG AMERICANS Speak UP! AMERICA belongs to them! Not their parents, not their grandparents….it is their land and their future at stake!! I think if it wasn’t for the entrance of OBAMA we would be witnessing another “Stale” election that lacks the passion, lessons and excitement needed to motivate Americans to BELIEVE AGAIN! Although I cannot VOTE …. I hope that AMERICANS will wake up and realize that CHANGE is needed! The older generations need to listen to the younger generation and support them in this election by electing someone who is about CHANGE, someone who is PASSIONATE, someone who can get the ATTENTION of the WORLD, someone who can REPRESENT with dignity and charisma!!

    So to h*ll w/ the POLLS!! Let’s listen to the people rallying, the people suffering, the people asking for CHANGE, to those people who’s future are at stake….. WHO ARE THEY THESE PEOPLE!? You decide!!

  2. newsblog2you

    Thanks for this post. You bring up a lot of good points. This is an exciting election year indeed and it’s hard to predict what will/can happen in the next month or two. Stay tuned. 🙂

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