Watch Palin on Gibson

Here it is: What is Sarah Palin’s view of the Bush Doctorine? Charlie Gibson, getting tough.


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One response to “Watch Palin on Gibson

  1. Siraddi

    Is it rude or inappropriate to laugh at this segment of the interview you posted? Because I think my “laughs” are laughs of FEAR!
    This is the Woman that the Rep/GOP wants to elect to be 2nd in command of the American Public/Nation/Country!? This is the person they want the WORLD to listen to and take serious? This must be a joke. She has no clue that the BUSH DOCTRINE is… nor does she know how to effectively “Beat around the Bush” nor admit she is not familiar w/ the Doctrine!? She is clearly full of BS!!!

    This could be the end of the American Society/Government and its strides to be taken serious again in the Global Arena. Complete BS!

    Side note: Great skit idea for SNL 🙂

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