Municipality Pick-Up Truck Shooting Dogs in Amman

A pick-up truck today passed through my neighborhood near the Um Sumaq area, near the King Hussein Park, and began shooting stray dogs in the morning between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM. There were two men in the pick-up truck and the sound of the dogs pain was astounding as they were being shot in front of people. The pick-up truck was clearly marked with a red license plate that indicates it is a government owned vehicle. It then drove slowly in the neighborhood with the hazard lights on, looking for more dogs to shoot.

I would like to know if the The Humane Center for Animal Welfare- Jordan (HCAW) is doing anything about this. Such practices do not represent a country and a society that is trying to move forward. What I saw today was a despicable act on the part of the Jordanian municipality.  It was an inhumane act, witnessed by many in the neighborhood including children. If this is not an issue that is a top priority for HCAW to discuss and solve with the government, then I don’t know what is, when it comes to the welfare of animals in Jordan.



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4 responses to “Municipality Pick-Up Truck Shooting Dogs in Amman

  1. J

    That is horrible! It makes you wonder what message they are sending out to the people who witnessed this, especially children; “it’s ok to just go around shooting and injuring wild animals because the government’s doing it too”??? I really hope you get a response from the HCAW and the municipality… if wild dogs are a problem, there are surely less brutal ways of going about dealing with it than leaving the dogs to die painfully. Did they actually just leave them where they shot them? As you say, such practises should definitely not happen in a civilised society and need to be brought to the attention of organizations whose goals are to improve animal welfare.

  2. newsblog2you

    Thank you for this comment…I hope something is done about this as well. It is VERY disturbing. I don’t know if they just left them or put them in the pick-up truck. I assume they use the pick-up truck because they can throw them in the back. I am sure it is happening in other areas in Amman but not many people have reported it.

  3. Siraddi

    This is unbelievable!!

    This news leaves me speechless, for no one could stand in front of me or the public and show justification for such act of brutality. I really hope that words reaches the HCAW and they address this issue. In reality, this is a “Crime” not an issue.

  4. anon

    Well having been chased and almost attacked by these dogs in street me and my husband were lucky to escape,as we approached our home,there was a pack of white dogs (kind of looked like dingo or hyenas) face,,one very large dog decided to chase us followed by the others,,ok my point is we escaped unhurt but what if this had been a child?? the potcome doesnt bear thinking about so keeping these dogs under controll is the only thing the authorities can sure i would rather see a dog shot then a small child or person torn to shreds or even killed by these animals.

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