Closing of Books@Cafe in Jordan





This is outrageous. 

Read this post by Co-Owner Median Al Jazeerah. Authorities closed his cafe’ down.

He writes: Books@Cafe and many other establishments have been closed this week. Here is what I witnessed and what happened to us at Books@Cafe.




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2 responses to “Closing of Books@Cafe in Jordan

  1. Siraddi

    I read Madian’s blog/article and it’s was disappointing but a wake up call to many of us who visit and/or reside in Jordan and admire Jordan for it’s potential of being a “World-Class” and “Diverse” society.

    Books@Cafe is one of my favorite places to be because it leaves you comfortable and at ease. It’s great going to such venues where Management is good, customers are comfortable and you can sit and have your coffee/tea/drinks, eat a meal or snack and have open conversations with every and anyone w/out feeling like you are under a microscope or being judge because you don’t appear to be like the majority.

    In my humble opinion, if any country/region expect International integration (business, tourism wise..etc…) It’s important that they analyze the needs, desires and demands of the people within and abroad. Any country can create homage of cafes, hotels, lounges, resorts etc…. but realize that creates “NO” sense of innovation or originality. It doesn’t differentiate itself from other competitors. Meaning, there is no real incentive for anyone to be there or go there. Allowing places like Books@ to exist helps bring originality and incentive to people, esp. foreigners. It’s a place where you can AMMAN for its diversity and “freedom”. It’s a place where everyone can “be” himself or herself and allow people to broaden cultural and social awareness to the world we live in “now”. We need to encourage such venues to exist, not shun them.
    It is clear that organizations w/in the country are conflict on certain rules and regulations surrounding Ramadan and the rules and regulations that all businesses are to follow. There is a need to be consistency and a governing body present that are solely responsible for dealing with such. The more hands and decision makers you put in the mix, the more confusion and chaos will take place. Although this is a sad, upsetting and unfortunate situation for Books@ and its customers, it’s important everyone stays calm and professional and treat this as a prime example of “what is wrong” and make it “right” the correct way. It is also important that society, customers (locals and foreigners) take a stand and help Books@ and other venues effected, get their message across in a respectful manner. Until such issues and inconsistencies change for the betterment of humanity at whole, there is no way this county is going to be successful in global arena. Its important we show that we can “Change” and “Accept Change”. All the best to Madian and the Books@ Staffers / Stakeholders. I look forward to sitting back at Books@ SOON!!

  2. Terrible. I’m thinking of all the good times created in the spaces of Books@, including with news2you.

    It sounds like someone just wants a piece of Madian’s rather wonderful business. And that governmental authority without statement of reason or coherence in process is a great universal.

    I’d love to support Books@; please keep us posted on anything we can do from outside Jordan!

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