Saudi Women and Oprah

Here’s an article published today in the NYTIMES on Saudi Women connecting with Oprah. I’ve met some women in Jordan who watch Oprah everyday including young women. 

Katherine Zoepf finds out why Oprah appeals to women across Saudi Arabia:

Saudi women say they are drawn to Ms. Winfrey not only because she openly addresses subjects considered taboo locally, but also because she speaks of self-empowerment and change.

“We have a very male-dominated society, and it’s very hard sometimes,” Ms. Muhammad said. “But for now I have my coffee, and sit, and I watch Oprah. It’s my favorite time of day.”



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2 responses to “Saudi Women and Oprah

  1. Siraddi

    …… This is exactly what Oprah wants to hear and see. Aside from the fact that she is highly successful, minority on numerous fronts, wealthy and a major player in a “Man’s” world… Oprah is just Oprah. This is what resonates with people who bond and find her interesting (both women and men). Deep down, this is someone who means GOOD.
    It’s good to hear Saudi women come forth and publicize their admiration for Oprah. We can only hope that his admiration turns in motivation, inspiration and optimism for many women, esp. those who battle exclusion in certain aspects of their daily lives. I don’t think the playing field for women will become equal (as they should be), but progress towards such is better than no progress. Like everything, its all about time and effort.

  2. newsblog2you

    Ditto Siraadi. I think it’s quite fascinating that one person can have such an impact.

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