Op-ed on Bin Laden’s new threat

Here’s an op-ed from the Jordan Times today on Bin Laden’s new threat published in Al Quds newspaper.

In its September 20 issue, Al Quds Al Arabi published the text of a new Al Qaeda audiotape in which Ossama Ben Laden threatens to launch a new attack on the United States, larger in scale than the 2001 New York bombings.

We in Jordan consider Ben Laden an archenemy of the people. We have suffered a great deal because of Ben Laden and Zarqawi, his associate. I am not referring to the wanton killing of innocent families at the Raddison Sass and other hotels, or to the murderous explosions in other places. But the greatest damage Al Qaeda did was to poison the minds of over 300 young Jordanians, some still fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, without any of them realising that September 11, Ben Laden did more damage to Islam than to the United States, and harmed the Arabs rather than the White House. His heinous crimes have to be condemned by Jordanians, Arabs and Muslims first of all, since Ben Laden’s actions boomeranged and culminated in the death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Afghans.


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