Jobs for Jordan

Watch this from Public Broadcasting Station on jobs and unemployment in Jordan.

This is a great video.

An unemployment epidemic in the Middle East: what does it mean for America?

NOW travels to Jordan to explore the implications of – and possible solutions to – having millions of young people out of work in the Middle East. Staggering unemployment rates among the region’s massive youth population is fueling anger, frustration and resentment.


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One response to “Jobs for Jordan

  1. dalia123

    I just read ur post and thought i’d share this link with all job seekers around Jordan. the first ever Jordan virtual job fair will be held from October 19 to 23 and will be conducted by
    Jordans’ top employers will be participatin in this event and registered job seekers will be able to participate for free, at the convenience of their office or their home , whether inside or outside of Jordan!
    It looks to me like this thing is going to be huge!!! Best of luck everybody!

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