Former Rudy Giuliani Aide Unveils Website


Former Rudy Aide Unveils Website Detailing Behind-The-Scenes Life in the Giuliani Administration & More

September 18, 2008

Russell Harding, former head of Intergovernmental Affairs for Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, today announced the start of a new website focused primarily on recounting his years with the former mayor.

The site, RUDYVERITAS.COM, was unveiled today and contains several revealing episodes detailing the inner workings of the administration and insight into the mind and manner of Mayor Giuliani.  “I want to put out publicly the complete story of those eight years and more”, said Mr. Harding.  “I’ve known Rudy Giuliani since 1989.  I worked on all three of his mayoral campaigns and served in one capacity or another for every day of his eight years at City Hall.  I had access to people and events that all but a handful can claim.”


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