Palin/Biden Debate Tonight

The Huffington Post reports:

Intense Anticipation: The San Francisco Chronicle says tonight’s debate is “must-see TV – even if you loathe politics – for its sheer unpredictability.” Both candidates “display a marked tendency to set off America’s collective gaffe-o-meter,” the Hartford Courant writes, producing a “ghoulish fascination — like waiting for a crash at a NASCAR race — with tonight’s debate.” Politico notes that media figures expect it to be a ratings juggernaut, likely overtaking those of the first presidential debate.

Serious Doubts: The AP reported Thursday morning that voters harbor “serious doubts” about Palin’s readiness. Fred Thompson defended her on CBS’ Early Show:

“People will have a chance to see her from beginning to end without being edited,” former Sen. Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., told CBS’ “The Early Show” on Thursday.
“We’ve all had bad days,” Thompson said, “and she’s had some bad moments in some of these interviews, just like the rest of us have had.”


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One response to “Palin/Biden Debate Tonight

  1. Siraddi

    The only reason I would watch this … is due to curiosity!!

    I haven’t really seen Palin ..speak… esp “live” / “unedited”… If she was able to demolish Biden in this debate (which is really hard to believe), my thoughts about her readiness for the White House still remains the same…she isn’t ready. Just like Sen Fred Thompson said: “We’ve all had bad days,” … “and she’s had some bad moments in some of these interviews, just like the rest of us have had.”…the same goes for “good days” …and just one good debate is not going to do it for me or many!!
    Its all about consistency and endurance til the END! I don’t see that happening w/ Ms Palin (The Librarian), esp when the “baby” or should I said “babies” starts calling constantly for mommy or nana … What is she going to do…send the Nanny all the time and ignore her “needy-child’s” calling… Don’t get me wrong — I’m not saying a MOTHER should not/cannot handle such post in American politics, but its all about timing. This is time a MOM & Father should be “getting to know their child” … “shaping values in the life of their son/daughter” … not … running a campaign that calls for you to “shape and guide” a nation of hundreds of millions of people. Prove yourself at HOME before you try shaping the homes of others!!

    Her time has COME and GONE day one! She needs to focus more on her family and her lower-scale career in Alaska (fix what’s broken, not what is unbroken). She has not gained the right “trust” Americans and the World needs!! Too many “ifs” and “wrongful calls from the pass” that still remain unanswered. She needs to clean up current messes before making new ones!!

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