Video: VP Palin/McCain Debate

Tonight was the vice presidential debate between Democratic nominee Sen. Joe Biden and Republican nominee Gov. Sarah Palin. The debate was held at Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri. It was moderated by Gwen Ifill of PBS.


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One response to “Video: VP Palin/McCain Debate

  1. Siraddi

    THANK YOU For posting this YouTube video…
    This was my only way of getting to see the debate!

    This debate lacked the “debate” I was hoping for…I am actually scared of this woman (Mrs. Palin).
    She is clearly an American Extremist. She is in no way in tune w/ the American people (only the Alaskans). There is so much I could write about Mrs. Palin, but I’m not even going to waste my time, for I will only assume that people with any intelligence (and even the unintelligent) can tell she is full of horse sh*t!! If she thinks she has what it takes to Head the Senate and Run America with or without McCain… she is truly living in “la-la” land!!

    I’m in shock that anyone would choose this PTA want-to-be leader as a VP running mate… I don’t care if they wanted to use “her” to get the women-vote. She is awful! Her accent kills me, her attitude kills me, her mommy-attitude kills me and her overall presence scared the living H*ll out of me. I feel bad for the American people if the GOP party wins! Cause… The American Empire is already crumbling at a fast pace… an with the GOP leading that country… there will be no foundation left to put that country back together.

    This debate was more upsetting that electrifying!! Point Blank!!

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