Reaching for a Higher Profile, Abu Dhabi Opens a Hub for Western Media

Is the Media Moving to the Middle East?

On Sunday, a spate of companies announced that they were setting up shop in Abu Dhabi, an island city that is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The companies are CNN, the book publishers HarperCollins and Random House, the British Broadcasting Corporation, The Financial Times and the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charity arm of the financial news giant Thomson Reuters.

Officials from these companies joined local officials in Abu Dhabi on Sunday to announce they would take space on a new 200,000-square-meter campus, called the Abu Dhabi Media Zone, that the government is building for foreign media companies.

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One response to “Reaching for a Higher Profile, Abu Dhabi Opens a Hub for Western Media

  1. Alchemist

    I first came across this a couple of days ago and the feeling I got then, was the same as now…disgusted. That’s all the ME needs, corporate media companies to come in and give us what we “desire”; of course after they programmed us to “desire” these things in the first place.

    AmeriKKKa is losing what minuscule popularity it has in the region, so now it’s bringing in it’s top propagandists. It’s a shame that the UAE has become a whore for capitalism and greed. Instead of investing that money into creating a legitimate media zone, or bringing in legitamate agencies…it is resorting to the cash cow.

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