State of the Press in Jordan?

What’s the latest talk on media development in Jordan?

Former information minister Ibrahim Ezzeddine, who moderated the seminar, said journalism development requires a high degree of professionalism and amendments to laws governing the press, stressing that public and private media institutions are also required to allow a wider margin of press freedom.

Meanwhile, columnist Fahed Kheitan said the media performance in any given country reflects the political life in that country, noting that the local media enjoys an advanced position in certain cases. He added, however, that the freedom of the press in Jordan is still seeing no progress.

“The media performance nowadays is not the same as it used to be 10 years ago. The means of control and supervision on the media have differed, particularly with the appearance of the electronic media,” he added, noting that any deficiency in the media performance is due to the reluctance of governments and decision makers in building a genuine democratic and political life.

Blaming the Jordan Press Association (JPA) for not doing its job properly in the past, columnist Kheitan said the JPA can play a larger role by changing its membership regulations to include all those who work in the media sector. He added that the association should also activate its disciplinary councils against those who do not abide by its regulations.

Here’s the article from the Jordan Times.


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