Creating Change Through Art


I’m very proud of my cousin, Tara Hanna (10th grade), who not only created an impressive website to showcase the art work of  the mentally challenged in Jordan, but used creative methods to shed light on this issue in Jordan.

This is Tara’s story: was inspired by a need to raise awareness for an invisible community within our society-the mentally challenged. It is the aim of this site to promote integration and to highlight the positive contribution that this group can have on humanity.

This website is a display case to show our society in Jordan and in the global community that the mentally challenged have equality and dignity and a right to be fulfilled and to lead productive lives. As things stand in Jordan, and in the wider Middle East, the mentally challenged are concealed from the public. This underscores feelings of inadequacy and shame among the families of this group. Our aim is to boost their profile, raise awareness and to remove stigma through awareness.

7 Jordanian citizens were trained in basic Art techniques. They were then invited to 3 world renowned places of historical, cultural and touristic interest in Jordan. They experienced the splendor and interacted with their surroundings. They returned to their centre and translated what they saw into pieces of art. This art can be seen on the site with a description of the places and a response and criticism of each piece of work by each artist. The message of this site is that the mentally challenged are a gift that should be cherished and not hidden away. Their art demonstrates that there is a world of possibilities to be explored when interacting with them and that they have a right to express how they see their world.

For information on how to make a donation please feel free to email Tara Hanna at 


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