An Open Letter to President Obama



Here’s a very thoughtful letter to President Obama written by Faisal Abbas.

Here’s an excerpt:

I utilized my stay in the US to learn more about Edward Murrow and the history and achievements of American journalism; and while there were many arguments made about the role the American media is playing today, especially with regards to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I found it quite comforting to know that at least under the first amendment, one could really say anything one likes.

Based on all of that, Sir, I find myself at ease in writing this letter to you, hoping you manage to read it before your Blackberry is taken away and you start consuming media in the form of briefings, as I clearly don’t think I am so important to make it into one of those.

All what I want to say, Mr. President, is that you bring a lot of hope to my region, and that people are counting on you to make a change for the better and to once and for all bring peace and prosperity to this very troubled part of the world.

We know that we shouldn’t be expecting miracles, and that there are more pressing issues on your agenda, especially the economy which the whole world expects you to focus on for everyone’s sake.

However, Sir, unlike myself… you are in no way, shape or form an ‘average Joe’, as of today you are leading the world’s number 1 super-power, and you are doing this after winning a battle with preconceived ideas and racial barriers that you have managed to overcome.


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