The Journey is Long for Jordanians

While the world ponders the meaning of change, hope and unity after Obama’s inauguration, Jordanians seem to have a long way to go.

Members of two party-affiliated groups clashed on Tuesday evening at a demonstration to “bid farewell” to former US president George W. Bush.

Youth members of the Jordanian Democratic Popular Unity Party (Wihda) and the Arab Baath Socialist Party fought over who would lead the chanting at the event, organised by Wihda’s Move campaign at the Professional Associations Complex in Shmeisani.

More than 30 activists from both parties took part in the fight, which led to the cancellation of a theatrical performance and poetry recital organised on the sidelines of the event, according to Move.




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2 responses to “The Journey is Long for Jordanians

  1. lostsoul2009

    Yet sad.

  2. SA

    Two whole steps backward for Jordan….. Sad indeed.

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