Crisis in the US newspaper industry


Will it be the end for the SFC also?


A sad chapter in the US newspaper industry.

America’s newspaper industry has been badly hit by the downturn, and a number of titles face closure.

The latest casualty is the venerable San Francisco Chronicle, whose owners on Wednesday announced they were planning to cut a “significant” number of jobs to meet cost-cutting targets, and that if the targets are not met, then the paper would be sold or closed down.

The Chronicle, which was founded in 1865, soon after the gold-rush hit California, lost more than $50m (£35m) in 2008, and so far 2009 is looking even worse for the title.

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One response to “Crisis in the US newspaper industry

  1. S.A.


    We’ve witness the end coming for years now, especially w/ the popularity of the world-wide-web. Everyone is connected, so what’s the need to clutter life more with physical paper (it’s actually not efficient). Although I am a fan of “reading the actual/physical paper”; soon I will have to accept the fact that paper-copies will diminish one day (maybe). Eventually the last papers to circulate will be limited, meaning people will have less choice and/or no choice but to get online.

    I think now it’s going to hit rock-bottom because people are not willing to spend physical money to buy newspapers that will end up in the trash w/in 24 hrs of reading it (it’s monetary/physical waste). Like I mentioned before … people are striving for simplicity, print paper is clutter and access to the web is life of simplicity. Lastly, I think people are just fed-up with buying papers to read constant BAD news, the same news they are hearing on the radio, television and via conversations.

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