Global gold industry and chaos in Congo.

This Sunday “60 Minutes” will present an investigation into how the global gold industry is helping fuel violence and chaos in the Congo. Five million people have died in the Democratic Republic of Congo in a war fueled primarily from gold mined in the country by warlords. Scott Pelley reports. 60 Minutes, Sunday, Nov. 29.

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2 responses to “Global gold industry and chaos in Congo.

  1. As a ten year employee in the jewelry industry, I must say that this issue may be overlooked (at least in my circle of colleagues). With all of the fuss made about “blood diamonds,” which may or may not have died down considerably, as consumers and professionals we really need to examine all of the jewelry-related issues that affect other parts of the world and humanity in general. There is a lot of buzz about green or recycled gold. Hopefully this will raise concern about the source of gold being purchased. It will also be interesting to see how the people that mine platinum and palladium position their metals against this story and issues.

  2. newsblog2you

    Thanks for your insight on this topic. I think the arts is a great way to shed light on such issues but as you mention it cannot be a short-term fuss like for example with blood diamonds. Something substantial must continue to be done, it should be in the media all the time and individuals have a responsibility as well. Unfortunately, Congo is a very much forgotten place despite the rampant number of deaths.

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