Governance and Democracy

By Nermeen Murad

The newly appointed Prime Minister Samir Rifai was quoted as saying that he will take the time necessary to make a decision on the makeup of his team. He was also quoted as saying that he is consulting select experts for the formulation of a strategy that would translate His Majesty King Abdullah’s clear requirements of this government.

Common citizens of Jordan, I believe, also have much to tell the new prime minister. Their perception of the current situation and their aspirations for the future, in my opinion, may be much more telling at this stage than the advice of technocrats, politicians and wannabes eager to secure a place in the much coveted Cabinet of tomorrow.

It is precisely because the opinion of citizens matters so much that prime ministers or presidents are usually elected or seek the support of a parliamentary majority to legitimize their representation and authorization to take on this seat of power.

In so many ways, elections give prime ministers a power of attorney from the people to act on their behalf and dispense with their wealth and property – and therefore their future – as they see fit.

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