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Jordanian Orphanages, the Minister of Social Affairs and the Media

Written by Daoud Kuttab*

Orphanages are notorious the world over for being a very sensitive place. Losing one or both parents is a shocking and highly emotional condition. Having the same young parentless children living away from the warmth of a natural home produces even more trauma and tends to make such children more vulnerable.

It is therefore highly troubling when one discovers adults and even fellow orphans physically and sexually abusing such defenceless children with very few deterrents. This was one of the findings that a pair of Jordanian investigative journalists working for months under the supervision of the ARIJ team discovered. The journalists’ two-page report appeared in the independent daily Al Ghad on December 25, 2009. Reports supervised by ARIJ are screened and approved by a competent lawyer before being presented for publication.

The troubling report was based on hours of interviews with 20 present or former residents in Jordan’s 27 homes (four of which are run by the government). It was also based on a survey of 50 persons who have gone through the system, sworn and signed testimonies from abused children, medical records and documentation corroborating these allegations. Many of the allegations including one case of death due to negligence, beatings, sexual harassments and rape took place in past years. And while the system has improved there is clearly much to be learned from the previous and some of the continuing problems facing these helpless children.

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Chimanda Adichie on the danger of a single story

Click here to watch this TED video:

In Nigeria, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel Half of a Yellow Sun has helped inspire new, cross-generational communication about the Biafran war. In this and in her other works, she seeks to instill dignity into the finest details of each character, whether poor, middle class or rich, exposing along the way the deep scars of colonialism in the African landscape.

Adichie’s newest book, The Thing Around Your Neck, is a brilliant collection of stories about Nigerians struggling to cope with a corrupted context in their home country, and about the Nigerian immigrant experience.

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Cheat Sheet: Must Reads From All Over

Daily Beast’s cheat sheet is a must read.

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Is Happiness Catching?

FOR DECADES, SOCIOLOGISTS and philosophers have suspected that behaviors can be “contagious.” In the 1930s, the Austrian sociologist Jacob Moreno began to draw sociograms, little maps of who knew whom in friendship or workplace circles, and he discovered that the shape of social connection varied widely from person to person. Some were sociometric “stars,” picked by many others as a friend, while others were “isolates,” virtually friendless. In the 1940s and 1950s, social scientists began to analyze how the shape of a social network could affect people’s behavior; others examined the way information, gossip and opinion flowed through that network. One pioneer was Paul Lazarsfeld, a sociologist at Columbia University, who analyzed how a commercial product became popular; he argued it was a two-step process, in which highly connected people first absorbed the mass-media ads for a product and then mentioned the product to their many friends. (This concept later bloomed in the 1990s and in this decade with the rage for “buzz marketing” — the attempt to identify thought-leaders who would spread the word about a new product virally.) Lazarsfeld also studied how political opinions flowed through friendship circles; he would ask a group of friends to identify the most influential members of their group, then map out how a political view or support for a candidate spread through and around those individuals.

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Creative Jordanian Website

One of the more creative websites around in the Arab world.

Enjoy browsing:

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Notable Mystery Writers

Notable Mystry Writers

Spotlight on World Mysteries, shines a spotlight on a selection of notable mystery writers from around the globe and their locations. Select an author to begin your own investigation into their work and world:

Click here…

coast of Australia with an image of Garry Disher inset

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Facebook Group: World Leaders

This is hilarious. From the The Atlantic magazine by Sage Stossel.

Kim Jong Il changed his profile picture.


Kim Jong Il  




Mahmoud Ahmadinejad joined the group People Who Always 
Have To Spell Their Names For Other People

Muammar Qaddafi is excited to nationalize Libyan oil assets.


 Hugo Chávez 
Bad idea.


Hugo Chávez and Hu Jintao are now friends.

Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy are now friends via the 
People You May Know tool.

Vladimir Putin is getting Russia’s budget in order.


 Dmitry Medvedev 
Hey, where are you? Can I be in on this??


Elian Gonzalez was tagged in a photo.


Havana reunion party weekend, New Year’s ’09!
by Raúl Castro


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad just posted an ad for enriched uranium on Craigslist.

Nicolas Sarkozy requests that David Cameron please remove the nude pictures of Carla Bruni from his photo album.

Kim Jong Il sent Lee Myung-bak and Ban Ki-moon an invitation using Smarty Pants:

 I challenge you to a game of Smarty Pants trivia! I just scored 6,400 points in the game “The Smartest Pants.” 
Think you can beat me?


Nicolas Sarkozy requests that Muammar Qaddafi please remove the nude photos of Carla Bruni from his photo album.

Vladimir Putin became a fan of ABBA.

Hosni Mubarak is working on a Gaza truce proposal.

Hosni Mubarak is wondering, How do you spell “intransagent”?


 Barack Obama 
The second “a” should be an “i” 
Hamid Karzai 
Barack—can you call me?


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad changed his profile picture.






Hu Jintao joined the group I Bet I Can Find a Million People Who Don’t Care Michael Phelps Smoked Weed.

Muammar Qaddafi is off to see He’s Just Not That Into You.


 Hamid Karzai
saw this on Saturday. Very funny!


Vladimir Putin added the Booze Mail application. 

Vladimir Putin sent Nicolas Sarkozy a Vodka Stinger.

Pervez Musharraf joined the group Deposed World Leaders Against the Deposition 
of World Leaders

Vladimir Putin sent Shoichi Nakagawa a Sake Bomb.

Angela Merkel is attending G8 summit, Wednesday, July 8.


 Bill Clinton 
See you there 😉
Hillary Clinton 
I don’t think so.

Kim Jong Il has just launched a Taepodong missile.

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The Chicken and the Basketball Board in Amman


The Chicken that Crossed the Road (R.Sweis)

The Basketball Board that Makes it Impossible to Play Basketball. (R.Sweis)


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32 Cool Websites You Don’t Hear About…

Here are 32 cool Websites that you may find useful but you don’t hear about…

This is such an extremely useful list of websites that you may ask yourself how you have done without them for so long. They will assist you in countless ways, offer you lots of all-purpose tips, and are great references for any number of interesting services.

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Top Sites in Jordan

Yahoo, Google and Facebook topped the list of most visited sites in Jordan but there are also interesting ones that made it in the top 100. Ad Dustour newspaper took a dive while Al Ghad is steadily improving, making it the second most read newspaper. Community sites like Jeeran (26) and Maktoob (eight) are up there as well.

Check the top 100 visited sites in Jordan…

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